My names Sierra, commonly known as Ely. c: This blog is my little sanctuary, so I'll blog as I please. I'm a huge lover of Tolkien, BBC, Harry Potter, Star Trek, LoL.. so bare with me if I'm inconsistency with my posts. I hope you're all very happy and have a wonderful day. Much love. <3

One day when I have enough money saved up I’m going to go to San Francisco. I’m going to the Golden Gate bridge and I’m going to lie roses and flowers along both sides from start to finish, for all the jumpers and maybe just maybe it’ll stop someone from doing it them self  They deserve to be remembered.♥
  1. navarr said: If you’re going to San Francisco. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. For if you’re going to San Francisco - you’re gonna meet, some lovely people there.
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